We are so happy to announce that we will be having a new litter of amazing puppies this JUNE! Be sure to get your deposit in for your pick of the litter.


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There are many theories about the origin of the Australian Shepherd. Despite the misleading name, the Australian Shepherd is not Australian at all but was developed most likely in the Pyrenees Mountains in the 1800’ssomewhere between Spain and France, and refined in the U.S. to work as a herding dog on ranches. The breed’s principal forebears were most likely Spanish dogs that accompanied the Basque shepherds and herds of fine Merino sheep exported to both America and Australia in the early days of the colonies. At some point, it probably crossed with Collie stock. The dog has had many names in the past including the Pastor Dog, Blue Heeler, Spanish Shepherd, Bob-Tail, New Mexican Shepherd, and California Shepherd. Its many talents include retrieving, herding, watchdog, guarding, police work, narcotics detection, search & rescue, agility, competitive obedience and performing tricks.
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I would like to welcome you to our site buckmountainaussies.com, my name is Dr. Bob Van Duys and my wife Holly and I breed amazing Australian Shepard’s. I have been a small animal veterinarian for 21 years and Holly has been a veterinary technician for 25 years.

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At Colorado’s own Buck Mountain Aussies we strive to breed to the best standards of the Australian Shepherds to produce great companions, show prospects and agility competitors. We are small hobby breeders and only breed one or two litters a year, making our perfect litters limited.

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Our Australian Shepherd puppies are born and raised in our house.  They are part of the family until they go to their forever homes.  We expose them to all different surroundings so that they are better acclimated for their new homes.

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